Acer NeoTouch Camera Does Not Live Up to Expectations

The Acer NeoTouch camera is part of the smartphone package created by Acer called the Acer NeoTouch and is simply the flagship smartphone for the company. The Acer NeoTouch produces pictures with a maximum resolution of approximately 2592 x 1944 pixels due to its 5 megapixel camera with auto focus; the camera also comes equipped with an LED flash to illuminate dark scenes.
The Acer NeoTouch camera has a viewfinder which is optimized for the touch screen and also has controls for the camera on the sides of the phone. There are many features of the 5 megapixel camera include time stamp, white balance, flash, resolution, time stamp, ISO tuning, storage, imaging and stabilization along with many other advanced settings. The Acer NeoTouch does not reinvent the wheel or create any new features; it simply has all the features of any normal 5 megapixel camera found on a smartphone.

Photo Quality
The pictures taken by the Acer NeoTouch are disappointing, especially considering the quality of the handset and the price attached to it. The photos are generally well detailed but even those in well lit conditions produce a large amount of “photo noise,” the photo noise level increases dramatically in poorly lit conditions. The color accuracy is also poor in the Acer NeoTouch and it is obvious the same attention to detail applied to other parts of the phone are clearly not applied to the camera. This smartphone will simply not come close to replacing even the most basic dedicated digital cameras since the picture quality is so poor.

Video Recording
The Acer NeoTouch records video well in VGA resolution at 30fps, a major hiccup to video recording is the lack of image stabilization. The videos suffer from a distinct lack of detail even though the contrast and frame rates are very good. The video is good enough for most casual users but is nowhere near the Omnia HD smartphone for example and hence cannot replace even the most basic video cameras.

Acer is a wonderful company which makes some amazing devices and the Acer NeoTouch is an amazing device; with a very poor camera. The final verdict on whether you should purchase this phone depends on a myriad of factors, but if you are looking for a phone which can replace your digital camera or video recorder, you should look elsewhere.


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