The best guns for Free Fire Battleground

We all love some Battle Royale game for our self-esteem. The feeling of shooting down enemies and playing to survive the scenario is a beautiful experience. Sometimes it so happens, while you are playing the game, the engrossment is such that you dive deep into the arena. You feel every pulse and beat, you feel every shootout, you just feel the game as it is going on. Be it on your mobile devices or on your Laptop/PCs, Battle Royale games are absolutely breath-taking.

In this genre of game, we have been introduced to the very best, the Free Fire Battleground. This particular game by developers Garena has garnered positive reviews and a good response since it has been released. Diehard fans of the Battle Royale genre has given a thumbs-up to the Free Fire Battleground for its amazing gameplay and transition. Gamers who play the Free Fire Battleground have only one motive, to survive. You need to kill others, to be the sole survivor of the entire game so that you win the title. The game involves many things, like weapons, strategizing, hideouts, stakeouts, etc. the best part of the game is the beginning when players are thrown off an airplane on parachutes to reach a ground unknown, to battle it out among friends and strangers from the web. It is a third shooter, multi-player video game.

Now, since this game is all about shooting, it would be incomplete to not talk about their main fuel which keeps the game engine running, the weapons. Which is why we have brought together the best weapons available in the game for you to avail to. Let’s begin.

Weapons guide to the Free Fire Battleground:

The Handguns

There are three handguns in the game that are just the thing anyone would want. Handguns are very useful in the game as it is the last resort and comes in handy. You can get any handgun if you use a free fire battlegrounds hack.

USP- It has low damage capacity and its range is pretty good. However, it rates well in accuracy and the rate of fire with a clip size of 12 along with 3 attachments.

G-18- This gun offers more rate of fire; however, it lacks attachment, with a clip size of 15.

Desert Eagle- This is the most powerful of all the guns, with a clip size of 7 and 2 attachments.

The Sub-Machine Guns

Sub-machine guns have a medium damage level and both of them are the same, just differ in their names. Although, their rate of fire is really good.

MP5- It has medium damage level with a clip size of 30 and 5 attachments.

UMP- It is the same as the MP5 sub-machine gun.

The Assault Rifles

There are six assault rifles and vary from high to medium range. All of which comes with 5 attachments.

AK- Medium high damage, comes with a 30-clip size.

Groza- Same specifications as the AK.

M14- Damage level is high, with a clip size of 15.

SKS- Damage level is high, comes with a clip size of 10.

M4A1- Damage level is medium, comes with a clip size of 30.

SCAR- Same specifications as M4A1.

Well, these are the best weapons available for you in the game. Learn them and know when to use. For, you will survive only based on your skills. Kill to win.

Questions answered related to 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an online billiard game which you can play on your Android on iOS devices. Here the game is completely motion sensor where you will have to use the stick for aiming properly. This game has been played by millions of player and it is still growing. It has excellent graphics and gameplay which has made it one of the favorite choices of the gamers. So there are certain questions which a person faces when they are starting to play this game so all of them will be answered in this article. There are 16 balls with which you will begin the game so you need to know about each of them properly and there will also be several cues that you will be unlocking with leveling up.

Answered Queries:

Coins: There are many people who face the problem of coins which starts to reduce even if they are winning the matches. In this case, you will have to check your auto recharge option to see it is turned on or not. You will have to search the menu for the cues. Another menu is with a slide on your screen. From there you will be able to enable and disable this recharging option. When you will disable it the option will turn red.

Profile picture: If you want to put your own profile picture in your gaming profile then all you have to do upload the picture from the social networking site of yours.

Pool Shop: There is an option of pool shopping in this game that will enable you to easily purchase pool cues, chat phrases, table frames, pool cash or pattern.

Practice: If you want to practice the game in the offline mode then you will need to spend 25 coins for it.

Resource: There are people who are unable to play the game on a daily basis so they will need to login to the game every day so that they can spin the wheel. Spinning the wheel will help you to get many rewards so you won’t have to spend extra money on buying those or you can use an 8 ball pool hack. You can also see advertisements for earning coins. For leveling up you will be rewarded with pool cash.

These are the few queries which you will have to face while playing the game. For a better idea, you need to watch the tutorials and the guides in the beginning. Learning the rules is very essential if you want to proceed with the game quickly.

How the Clash of Clans attack and defense works

The game is about upgrading the troops and the town hall and attacking the clan and defending your clan from the attackers. So if you are a newbie then you need to know about the attack and defense of this game.


Attacking is one of the most interesting and essential things in this game. You have to work hard for strategizing this game for conquering the Clans and win the war. When you will start playing this game you will just have to start as a single player and then you will need to upgrade your troops and by different troops with unique attacking qualities so that while attacking the other clans you also get the opportunity of grabbing huge resources. When your clan will become stronger you can pay for searching the enemies.

If you are fighting on the edge then you can use the archers and barbarians. And when your clan will have only this two Army then you can use the barbarians for destroying all the walls and use the archers for shooting the builder.

When you will buy the goblins you can easily use them for robbing the elixir and gold but they will be quite weak for surviving.

If you are thinking of smashing down the walls then you can use the Giants and the wall breaker.

For moving fast and jumping over the world you can buy the Hog Riders and when they will be upgraded they can become very much stronger. But one thing you need to do is keep them away from spring traps or the bomb as they can easily die from them.


Your clan will never be stronger if you start to lose all the elixir or gold when any other clan will attack your village so having a good attacking troop is as important as having a great defending troop. So you need to build more walls and update and set the canons in proper directions and unlock various types of equipment. And at the same time, you will have to level up the town hall so that you can easily protect your clan and unlock new properties and troops. For playing the game properly you have to find an extraordinary base for keeping the treasures safe from the other Clans.

The defending and attacking are the part of Clash of clans gems generator and are very much important so you will have to keep that in mind. So expand your troops and upgrade the town hall for unlocking few features.