Guide on the gems of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game which was launched by the supercell. This game is quite addictive, and it needs to be played with pure strategy. As every game has some resource so this games also comes with the resource of gems. Many sites will make you pay real money for getting imaginary gems. So if you are not interested in spending your money on buying these gems, then you can try the clash royale hack generator which will it save your gems and will help you to produce more clash royale free gems.

Ways to earn more gems

You will get some free gems at the beginning of the game which you will have to spend properly. As earning of gems is quite difficult so we are going to tell you to various ways that will help you to get some legit gems.

You will only be able to open the Crown chest for one time a day, and for that, you will need 10 Crowns.

There will be some free chest which you will get after every four hours.

So, you must be wondering how this chest is going to fetch some cash royale free gems.

With chests, you will be getting minimum 2 to 4 gems. Getting two gems is very much common, and three gems will be pretty rare to get. There will be some chests that will be extremely rare so it will help you to get four gems. So you can expect to have 14 gems by the end of the day. If you’re lucky enough then you can also get a maximum of 16 gems.

Places where you should spend your gems

You should always spend the gems for getting more gold. Getting the right amount of gold is quite tough in this game, so this is a place where you should spend your gems. You can also upgrade all the cards or convert the gems into cards. If you spend some gems and buy the card from any shop, then it will give you the card that you need, unlike the chest. You can also ask your clan mates to provide you with some cards when required.

Guide to the card shop

Cards are the only thing that will help you to level up easily. And in the latest stage, this cards upgrading will cost you a lot of resources. So if you can trade the gems for getting gold, then you can easily level up the cards, and at the same time you can also level up the Crown Towers.

Avoid spending on the cheap gold just for getting the cards. The cards will rotate in the shop on a regular basis so your favorite card will get back in the shop again. This upgrading will make the game quite lengthy.

How to play the game?

In this game, there will be three Towers. There will be an opponent. Your game will start in the training camp where you have to spend your resource for buying new Troops and training them. Not only that you will have to upgrade your equipment and Troops constantly. There will be a time of 3 minutes, and within that time you will have to destroy the towers of the opponent. On failing to destroy the tower then the team the game will assign you with another one-minute extension. You won’t be able to control your troops, so they will attack whatever they will see in their way. So try to spend minimum time on the side tower because destroying the middle Tower is going to help you to win the game. And keep making these resources more and more clash royale free gems easier for surviving till the last.

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