How the Clash of Clans attack and defense works

The game is about upgrading the troops and the town hall and attacking the clan and defending your clan from the attackers. So if you are a newbie then you need to know about the attack and defense of this game.


Attacking is one of the most interesting and essential things in this game. You have to work hard for strategizing this game for conquering the Clans and win the war. When you will start playing this game you will just have to start as a single player and then you will need to upgrade your troops and by different troops with unique attacking qualities so that while attacking the other clans you also get the opportunity of grabbing huge resources. When your clan will become stronger you can pay for searching the enemies.

If you are fighting on the edge then you can use the archers and barbarians. And when your clan will have only this two Army then you can use the barbarians for destroying all the walls and use the archers for shooting the builder.

When you will buy the goblins you can easily use them for robbing the elixir and gold but they will be quite weak for surviving.

If you are thinking of smashing down the walls then you can use the Giants and the wall breaker.

For moving fast and jumping over the world you can buy the Hog Riders and when they will be upgraded they can become very much stronger. But one thing you need to do is keep them away from spring traps or the bomb as they can easily die from them.


Your clan will never be stronger if you start to lose all the elixir or gold when any other clan will attack your village so having a good attacking troop is as important as having a great defending troop. So you need to build more walls and update and set the canons in proper directions and unlock various types of equipment. And at the same time, you will have to level up the town hall so that you can easily protect your clan and unlock new properties and troops. For playing the game properly you have to find an extraordinary base for keeping the treasures safe from the other Clans.

The defending and attacking are the part of Clash of clans gems generator and are very much important so you will have to keep that in mind. So expand your troops and upgrade the town hall for unlocking few features.

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