How to navigate Guns of Boom

The word is out on this game, since the servers are super busy. If you are starting out on the game, you require some tips to score maximum points, enjoy the game and not get lost as you do it.

Make sure to reload

The game has a reload button that is you operate manually (it is a little circle-shaped button located at the screen’s bottom corner). This is important – it increases your kill statistics and lengthens your life in the game.

The danger of not reloading shows up when your ammunition ends. You stop firing for some time – or you have to switch to a small pistol, and this enhances your opponent’s odds of killing you.

In light of this, take all reload chances immediately you shoot at your opponents. A word of caution, though – avoid it when you are in battle, or easily visibleselect quiet corners or hide behind areas such as walls.

Avoid wasting your ammunition

It is very tempting to aim and shoot at anything entering your view. However, there are instances that wisdom in your shots is the better option. When you spot the enemy moving across your field of view, shots at them are usually counter-productive. You might get some hits but lost the strategy you had.

The best thing to do is to avoid the enemy and move behind, around and close to them fast, or across to where they might show up. This will result in easy kills without so much damage except if you use a guns of boom hack.

Make sure you stay healthy

Apart from grenades, health packs are the other limited resource. You should not limit their use however. Moreover, yes, you can carry grenades and medical packs in all battles.

On the other hand, if you see your running away after a beating, the chances are that they are retreating to heal. Move with them at this point, or else, it may force you to start beating them again when they come back stronger.

Utilize your teammates

Utilize and ensure you stay near your teammates. This is because it does not matter how good a lone opponent’s weapons and armor are. Two competent teammates will always finish highly because of the game’s generous shooting.

Keep getting the mission rewards

Missions are tasks that you do to earn rewards. They can include tasks like winning a bunch of matches or getting some number of kills.

You will accomplish them by playing the game, so do not stress out too much about aiming for set

missions. However, you need to acquire your rewards quickly – this helps you to begin working towards something else. Note that you only get a maximum of three missions for the same time. You can also join up with a clan. It gets better if you are not too ambitious or fussy.

This game is simple and should not be too harsh, even if you are a first-time player. All you need to do is follow these steps, and you are sure to become an expert!

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