One of This Summers Most Anticipated Movie Made Video Game Titles: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

I do not even like Star Wars, but watching my significant other slash his way through the LEGO Star Wars game, actually got me into the plot a little bit due to the unique game play, and of course the fact that LEGO’s were a childhood past time of mine.
Once getting the LEGO video game bug, whenever a new title featuring LEGO’s hit shelves I would be first in line to dishing out the money for the game. LEGO Indiana Jones was pretty sweet, although the second release failed to impress me. LEGO made it up though with a releases of LEGO Harry Potter, which ended up being a really fun and entertaining, time sucking video game, and with LEGO Batman which was a killer good time.

No title within the LEGO video game franchise though, has managed to grab my attention quite as thoroughly as this summers title, which is going to be LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean being one of my favorite Disney and Johnny Depp roles, I knew that this game would not only be on my summers top, must have video game lists, but likely it would be a sizzling summer seller as well.

I am really excited to see how LEGO will turn this movie into a video game, by the way they seem to create these movie based games is by adding the original movie, in with the continuations, and I hope that Pirates of the Caribbean is no exception. I am hoping to get game play out of the original movie, and into the second and third release.

From what we do know now, is that Jack Sparrow will be your main character, no shock there. The game of course will feature other characters from the movie, which more than likely will be playable characters just as they had done in their other LEGO titles. With LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean though, your character selections are going to be larger than LEGO has ever offered, with up to 70 playable characters. I think that’s a bit over done, but I am interested in seeing which Pirates of the Caribbean characters were added.

What’s exciting about this game, and slightly nerve racking, is that this game will be released right around the same time the next upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film will be released. Granted that is exciting, I have come to learn that most video games that are released during the sister movie end up being pretty bad games. Let us just hope that this video game does not follow that black curse!

The release date is set for this May 2011. It will be available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP, PC, Wii, and most exciting, it will also be available in the new Nintendo 3DS in rich 3D!!!

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