Rakion Game Review

Rakion is a free online fantasy action game by Softnyx. The company is based out of South Korea. Rakion is based on 5 classes; Swordsman, Blacksmith, Ninja, Archer, and Mage. Each class has different attacks and greatly vary in style.
Your character can gain experience points in several different ways. The game is strongly based around playing with peers or battling against them, but you can also play by yourself on the stage game. In the stage game, you race against the clock to kill all of the creatures in the stage. The faster you complete each of the stages, the more experience you get. You get a rank for the time it takes you to complete it (D,C,B,A,S). Different stages have different level requirements, so you can’t play really hard ones right away, and you can’t go back to the really easy ones at higher levels. On the multiplayer, there are many maps to choose from and for each of these you can select a specific game type. You can play Team deathmatch, Solo deathmatch, Boss War, and Golem War.

By winning battles and stages, you make money and gain experience. The money allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor. The weapons and armor have minimum level requirements, so you must train to be able to wear them. You are also able to purchase different creatures, which you can summon in game. They will help you fight and the higher level creatures can be very useful as they are very powerful.

Like a lot of the free games coming out of Korea, you are able to purchase game items that are very powerful. A lot of the highest level items and summons are all things that you must purchase and are not available any other way.

There are a few things that can take away from the game. The biggest thing by far is that you run your own servers. This can cause a lot of frustration with trying to join servers, because they will automatically kick you from the server if your ping is too high for anyone in the server. You can spend a lot of time looking for a server that you don’t get kicked from.

I would rate Rakion 7.5/10. It has a lot of game types to choose from and can be pretty fun. It does get very tedious trying to level up pretty quickly though, but the Stages do help break up the tedious training. The biggest thing that brought my rating down is the way they handle the servers. It can cause a lot of frustration.

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