You Should be Playing Clash Royale and Here’s Why

Playing games on your smartphones and tablets have become a few of the only forms of leisure that can fit into most people’s tight schedules. Between home and work life, it is hard to take time out for yourself. Playing games allow you to make most of the few minutes that you have to yourself.

It lets you leave the physical world and all of the worries that it is plagued with for a while. As you wage war against your opponent, nothing else matters other than showing your enemy who the better player is.

While there are various games available on different platforms for you to immerse yourselves in, we are here to tell you that you need to play Clash Royale and here are a few reasons why.

Real-Time Combat with Real Players

Most games, including Clash Royale’s predecessor Clash of Clans, are asynchronous. This means that even though you are faced with a real opponent, in reality, you are fighting a computer-controlled base. The only human element in that is that the base is set by a human player. That’s it. That is the only human interaction such games provide.

But not Clash Royale. In this game, you are given the opportunity to come face to face (virtually) with players from around the world. Therefore, you can expect the fight to be unpredictable with human opponents.

This real-time battling with real players is unheard of in most games. Defeating your enemies in Clash Royale will seem like it’s worth much more than defeating a computer version, especially if you are using a clash royale hack.


Some of you might argue on this reason and say that the game is not technically free. It features a freemium model, whereby it is free to install it from the Play Store or App Store but includes in-app purchases once installed.

However, we find the game to be playable even without having to spend a single penny. While many other games become frustrating without the in-app purchases and are, one way or another, forcing players to pay the small price, this game can work and progress well without such purchases.

All you need to do is devise a clever strategy and it wouldn’t matter how upgraded your cards are. Moreover, by not having an option to get more elixir, the game becomes more interesting as suddenly, it’s a fight not merely for your tower but also for your survival.

Cute and Effective King Emoji

There is no fun in playing with real opponents if you can’t interact with them. However, avid gamers will know that such interactions become quite vile when emotions are running high. Therefore, this ability to chat with people from around the world is a reason most parents don’t wish for their children to play these games.


Clash Royale has succeeded in finding a middle ground – a way through which you or your child will be protected from abuses while maintaining interaction with your opponent. How? It does so by limiting interactions to a King emoji which can have certain emotions. You can wish your enemy best of luck, troll them, or just laugh when you win by the help of this King emoji.

Time GatesA Blessing in Disguise?

The only thing that we weren’t fond of in the game was the inclusion of time gates which limit the progress players are allowed to make in a day. This feature means that you can’t really enjoy the game throughout the day.

However, this shows that Supercell cares about the wellbeing of the players. After all, playing games 24/7 is not the way to live. While escaping reality might be good for your mental health, living in a virtual world constantly is bound to take a toll on your health as well.


All in all, those of you who need an outlet to release their pent-up energy and worries will find that Clash Royale is an excellent game. As you devise a strategy to beat your rival, you are bound to forget about the concerns of the world for a bit. Play Clash Royale and feel better about yourself.

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